Monday, January 2, 2012

Contemplations for the New Year....

The only person in charge of my being happy is ME, and we don't have to seek happiness, make happiness, earn happiness -- we just need to tune into it. It is there, already.

We can think about removing the blocks to happiness, like forgiveness, letting go of the desire to be the injured party, martyrdom, and so on. We can do exercises like writing gratitude lists. Those are cool.

But more than anything, for me, is just to take a breath, realize that I need to tune into the happiness channel that is broadcasting all day every day. Let go of sadness and irritation -- let go of it! Let it float away, don't fear its loss, don't grab it back. And just breathe, be happy. We have that freedom, that power in our daily lives.

Photo by Ruth Houston Barrett Blank, Our dog Chase contemplates the new wave...

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