Friday, March 8, 2013


Please note: This post is just a little dark humor about difficulties, not a serious statement about the very real and serious issues of poverty that exist in this world. In actuality, my life is full of amazing blessings. So this is just a momentary bad attitude, k? k.

Contemplating my current pickles and predicaments, it occurs to me that there is a huge difference between broke and broke-broke.  Kinda like when you like someone, or like-like someone.  I've been in both conditions.

Fun place to shop? or impossible dream?
--photo by Ruth Houston Barrett Blank--

Broke: Out of the question to fly to my dear friends' wedding in Hawaii
Broke-broke: In question whether I can pay $20 to see my daughters sing

Broke: Can't eat out
Broke-broke: Nothing in the cupboard, oh wait -- found something, now we get to eat

Broke: Have to shop at Walmart
Broke-broke: Can't shop

Broke: Can't buy new clothes for my job interview
Broke-broke: Hope the thrift store has shoes that fit my kids this time

Broke: Running in 2-year-old shoes, no money for new ones
Broke-broke: No money for glue to fix my shoes

Broke: Better find the old flashlight, can't keep buying new ones
Broke-broke: Better find the candles, no money for flashlight batteries

Broke: Terrible health care plan
Broke-broke: No health care plan

Broke: Complaining at the gas pump
Really broke: Walking instead, in old shoes, that need to be glued back together

Just sayin'.
Meanwhile, I hope your life is full of all the riches your heart dreams of!